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Originally Posted by urbguy View Post
College really took me away from my tank. My parents bought me a 65 gal tank after i graduated from HS. 4 years later, i never really got a chance to establish the tank. But now that i graduated, VCU Alumn whoo hoo, I'm starting on my tank for the first time since my HS days. this however is not my first tank so... I have established the tank in May and till now I've kept a couple of fishes in the tank. My tank is at 73 degrees and at a 7.5 ph level. 1 also have a 110 gal fluval canister filter. I have 1 neon tetra, used to have 5 but after my 2 Opaline gourami had a feast i am left with 1. I recently bought a malaysian drift wood and placed it in there as well. i have some wisteria and swords in there as well. My main thing is i want to make my tank a planted tank, however, my base is established with small gravel. i know that i should have a better substrate if i wanted to go planted but i was trying to find a way around that. i really want a really good foreground lawn and i was thinking about added dwarf baby tears. i heard that they can grown in really any substrate but i am not entirely sure about that. but what captivates me is that crystalwort, aka Riccia fluitans. i know how to apply the riccia but i wanted something that was more stable and more solid with roots and all but i wasnt sure if it really mattered at all because i dont have the proper substrate anyway. the only reason i love the riccia is because of the o2 airbubbles that it emits. but dwarf baby tears seem to be more reliable. i mean i'm willing to put both of them in make dwarf baby tears my main foreground plant and riccia on rocks to give the appearance of grassy mounds. i'm going to attach a picture of my tank. any feed back will be appreciated.
Whoo fellow VCU student *high five* I'm planning on dry starting some HC and riccia in the near future, if I'm able to propagate it I'll save some for ya if you want.
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