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The glosso is growing well and I'm learning a lot about the tank with it. Noticed a tiny bit of staghorn on one leaf which I removed and then the testing began. I learned that seachem nitrogen will give a reading of ammonia on an API ammonia test kit because of the ammonium contained in the fertilizer. This was actually great news because I started to think that I was having filter issues which completely perplexed me.

Here's a photo of the test I did with ammonia free water and then the same water with seachem nitrogen added to it. You can see the color change.

So I've ruled out my filter being the issue. But now wonder if the ammonium present in the seachem nitrogen fertilizer is somehow promoting some staghorn growth.

So I've dialed in the co2. I've upped my dosing of phosphorus and potassium and have cut off dosing seachem nitrogen into the tank. I have nitrates present in the tank according to my tests each day and am changing the water twice a week (more or less depending on the condition). I'm also going to wait a little longer before I trim my glosso again. I've been pretty aggressive with it and I think that may have something to do with staghorn appearing. We shall see what happens. Considering adding pfertz to my arsenal now that there is a sale, and also because I'm running low on my seachem products. I'd like to do dry ferts but with a baby on the way and a small new york apt, the convenience and visual appeal of those bottles will go a long way.

he likes the tank as much as I do...and the crs on the rock...but really he's just waiting for an algae wafer snack...because that acrylic top is near bullet proof!!
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