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Oopsie doosies.
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I have seen singapore many many times at my LFS and online. I don't think it's Singapore.

Originally Posted by Rony11 View Post
A correction its Sis I am a woman, wife, mom

Yes I'm a moss collector n yes its a serious collection. I have Riccardia chamedryfolia-coral moss forgot to mention and abt. to receive 5-6 species I dont own right now.

No I do not sell coz as I've mentioned I'm a collector its a hobby. There are a few serious hobbyists in Israel I exchange with. Its a barter system for mosses. Its not for money and believe me I know how much they are worth all around the world for serious hobbyists.

Also I'm out of US so u cannot buy plants from me coz they'll confiscate the shipment n u'll get a visit from the custom authorities.
My mistake! Sorry, hard to tell M/F online lol!

Another mistake! Didn't see that you were in Israel. Can't order stuff from over there to over here.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot escape this hobby. You have been warned.
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