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Originally Posted by DTDPlanted View Post
What steps did you take to have them eating out of your hand?! would love to do that
I started slow, would put my hand near them at the same time I fed them with either tongs or a dropper.
Once they were used to both my hands being there I'd flatten out my non-food hand and then wiggle worms above my hand instead of right in their face. They would get curious and crawl over and eat. I'd keep my hand very still at this point.
Next step I did the same thing, but I'd curl my fingerd up and make a cup. When they were use to that I'd then slowly raise my hand to have a better angle to feed them.
This is where my two frogs differed, Sam realized that Hand=food and would swim over right away to investigate me. John Snow has always been more skittish, so it took a few extra weeks of me with a steady hand for him to be comfortable with the thought of me being able to move him. While he was being a big baby Sam would jump into my hand and beg for food... What a pig lol.

Now I can stick my hand in the tank and they swim over and I can drop pellets and worms and stuff right on their heads lol. Their comedy is so worth getting my hands wet for.

Back on the forum after two moves across two years! Slowly getting back into the hobby!
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