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Originally Posted by Gafi View Post
Does the Aquasoil pose a problem if one likes to rescape frequently? How long will it take for the ADA Aquasoil to break down? Is the new formula better than the old?
You'll likely get varying answers here but this what I've come up with on my research thus far.

Any capped or layered substrate with sand would be best not to be frequently disturbed so going that route, you sort of want to leAve them where they are once planted for best results.

Breakdown for active soils tends to depend on varying factors, plant density, thickness of substrate, mat of water changes, volume of aquarium, livestock density, etc... Some say a year, while others have much longer life supplementing with root tabs. Not scientifically measured by accounts ive come across. Some planted hobbyists are also less demanding where others would notice deficiencies within days... So you have to take this into account for the range of use.

Do your research and don't go by unsubstantiated recommendations to do one versus the other. If cost is a factor, consider the walstad method. Equally as enjoyable to read about without a corporAte brand behind it. Enjoy

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