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3 fishes died by getting themselves trapped in a corner where I have a few rocks. I guess they went head first into the corner but couldn't back out. So, I was wondering where my cutest tiniest Cory went. Found him stuck in the corner and was too late to save him. While removing him, found a dead female Gertrudae and a handsome CPD too.

So, I had to do an impromptu rescape in that corner of the tank, so no more fishes will be stuck in that corner. I moved the rocks around and took the opportunity to add more shrimp sand. Now, I had already rinsed the sand, but lots of dust came up when I poured it into the tank to the point where I couldn't see anything in it. A few CPDs started gasping for air the next day. And, they both died a few days later. I guess the dust particles damaged their gills and they slowly suffocated to death.

So many fishes have already died at my hands. So, total body count since I got this tank is 12 rasbora brigittae, 3 Gertrudaes, 5 CPDs and 1 Cory. Now I have 6 CPDs, 5 Gertrudaes and 3 Corys left. Also, 3 Blue Velvets, 3 Snowballs and 1 CRS.

The point of this post is to also get suggestions on plants.

My latest additions are the True Rotala Indica you see bunched up in the left of the tank. I love them. They look great and so far is very low maintenance. I went and purchased 10 more. I want to fill up the empty space I created to the right of the tank with them as you can see with the dark green dots. But, I think I might not have enough stems to fill the space.

So, I can also bunch them up behind the two larger rocks as you can see with the bright green dots. Then, the middle portion will be wide open. What plant(s) can go there? Ideally, I wish to create some kind of shelter where peewee shrimps and/or fish eggs can hide safely. Originally, I wanted to create an Indica forest but don't think the ten stems I got is enough. Or, I can cut the stems in half, then I'd have 20 stems. Seller told me these stems will be around 5" each. So, if I cut them, they'd be 2" with some length in the substrate. And, just be patient and wait for it to grow out?

After I added the new shrimp sand, my clear hoses turned black within a few days. My lily pipes is brown. I had ordered a lily pipe sponge on a stick from a seller in HK about 10 days ago. Waiting for it to come in. After it does, I will replace the hose with OEM green hose and get new media for the Eheim. The clear hose is too loose. It already came apart for me today when I was adjusting the temperature on the inline heater and water splash all over.

Anyways, I am a fish killer. Let me know what plants you'd suggest for me. I like them structured looking, no pruning, slow growth and not too demanding. I read the Rotala I got is fairly demanding, but they are growing tall and strong in my tank. I don't use any C02 and use just a drop of Flourish Comp. Oh, something that is red would be nice too. I am eyeing Rotala Macandra but it might be too demanding for my tank and not sure about its growth rate.

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