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New build for salamanders

I will be acquiring a couple of tiger salamanders in the next couple of weeks, so I am seeking advise on what they require.
The tank that I will be housing them in is a 25 gallon. I was thinking of having part of it aquatic - complete with fish. I know that the fish will likely get eaten - but I think that my students would enjoy and learn lots form that. I am also thinking of the land part being filled with peat and natural moss. (Will go and dig some out from under the snow)

I don't think that I will attempt a drilled tank to house the filter parts. I am planning on running a fuvel canister type filter - should make it easier for the students to clean the tank, with less disturbance to the critters. I will need to seal the back of the lid to prevent them from escaping (I'm assuming that they can climb?)

Any other suggestions for how to achieve this would be great; the learning curve on this one is going to be straight up for both myself and all of my students.
I'll try to post some pictures as we go.
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