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You are more than welcome. In researching for my tigers, what I found is that they need considerably more room in the terrestrial area than the aquatric area (for two figure approximately the area of a 20 long in terrestrial). I also would not include anything in the aquatic section that you are really fond of, because once they move into and starting stirring around, things really get mixed up. I'd keep the water section fairly shallow or figure out a way (maybe with driftwood) to give them easy access into and out of the water. According to all I've read they should spend the majority of their time in the terrestrial portion. If I were redoing this tank, I'd do the reverse of what I currently have - since that is almost a negligable amount of water, I'm now planning a 4OB for mine.

Look forward to both the thread on the salamanders and the thread on the hydroponic set-up.
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