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After they've been in here a few weeks, I really don't think the chili rasboras are very happy. The temperature and water quality are good, but I think flow is too high and they seem to be struggling with the current. In my 20g tank at home they were able to find dead zones to hide in, but here they don't seem to be able to.

I'm going to bring them home tomorrow, but I'm undecided about what to replace them with. At home I have a school of microdarivario kubotai (~16) and 5 Trigonostigma espei. I think the espei are too large for this setup, which is too bad since they handle current well and are very outgoing. I'm tempted to bring in half of the kubotai since they're fairly active but the green isn't as striking as it could be against plants. Another possibility is to just get a half dozen neons somewhere, since they're cheap and fairly outgoing most of the time.
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