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The only resources I've found about this are on the Oregon Fish and Wildlife subsite on This is like the "short list".

Algae, toxic (golden, toxic cyanobacteria)
Prymnesium parvum, Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii

Asian kelp
Undaria pinnatifida

Caulerpa seaweed
Caulerpa taxifolia

Common reed
Phragmites australis

Spartina alterniflora* , S. densiflora , S. anglica, S. patens**

Dead man's fingers
Codium fragile tomentosoides

European water chestnut
Trapa natans

Flowering rush
Butomus umbellatus

Giant salvinia
Salvinia molesta

Hydrilla verticillata

Rock snot
Didymosphenia geminate

Yellow floating heart
Nymphoides peltata**
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