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Originally Posted by bat_billy View Post
It is that sort of high light algae growth that I am trying to avoid. I always have to resist the urge to blast my tanks with ridiculous amounts of light. I just need to remember that more isn't always better. It does sound like you got the problem under control. Are you happy with how the color looks with the 7K?
You're in luck since I own a 7k/10k and a 7k/7k.

I like the 7k/10k slightly more since there's a bit more blue compared to the 7k/7k. However it's not hugely noticeable, the 7k/7k has a bit more of a yellow to it... however the 7k/7k came out due to customer demand so your tastes may differ, 7k is better for plants I think anyways and probably does look a bit more natural with plants.
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