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Originally Posted by Fishies_in_Philly View Post
Ya know, i never thought about it that way. And like you, i have plenty of spare tanks laying around. Maybe i'll drill my 40b critter cage for a sump since i'm gonna build if for fire belly toads.
The extra water volume would definitely be an advantage. I find I have to top mine off every few days.

Originally Posted by schoolzoo View Post
I was going to drill a 5 gallon so that I could try a hydroponic loop in my classroom, under the grow light. My plan was to use a simple gravity feed from the fish to the plants and then pump the water back from the plants to the tank. I took the tank down to my local glass shop - they can't drill it as it is tempered. Are all standard aquariums tempered glass? How does one drill a tank?
No, most standard tanks of a smaller size are not tempered. Generally, if you google the manufacturer, they will have a list of which of their tanks are tempered or untempered. That said, I would be pretty hesitant to try and drill a 5 gallon - the glass is very thin and there isn't much of it. The smallest I'd attempt would be a ten, and from what I've seen even those are pretty iffy. The thicker the glass the better IMO. In terms of drilling it yourself, gl[censored][censored][censored][censored][censored][censored][censored] is your go to source. They sell glass hole saws with destructions and kits for overflows. I highly recommend them. When you go to drill, if you can build somekind of wooden template to it helps hold the drill bit in a single location. I use windex when drilling to keep it cool, seems to work a little better than just standard water. The most likely time to break the tank is as you come through the bottom of the hole, so slow and steady is key especially at that point. Don't use too much pressure or you'll break out the edges as well when it gets real thin near the end of the hole.
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