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90g Paludarium Build

New here, First post in fact, so forgive my noobish post.

Hope its not too pic heavy, and I don't know how to resize photos Also sorry for the poor picture quality, all these were taken with my Ghetto Droid X

I've lurked for years for whenever I needed plant advice, or anything of that nature.

This is the tanks previous Incarnation as a paludarium

It later turned into a full on Vivarium

Here it as it sits now

Anyway, heres the build so far.


90G L: 48 W: 18 H: 24

Has 9" of water in it. so by my math about 30gallons of water. Lets call it 25 to account for driftwood taking up space as well as the river rock.


Azoo 1200 pump (Comes through a foam filter at the pump, pumped via 1/2" cpvc through a drip wall system that constantly keeps the back wall covered in a "sheet" of water.) Also exits the drip wall into polishing pads hidden behind the piping for extra bio.

Here you can see the Filter setup prior to it being installed at the top of the tank, and painted black to hide it.

Light fixture with 3xt8 6000k bulbs

Substrate/ Scape (if you can call it a scape) :

Assorted Manzanita Driftwood

Assorted River rock

Substrate is Black Blast Blasting sand from Menards (washed heavily)

Has some osmocote plus under the Plants, inserted as fertcicles.

The background is natural slate tile that has been broken up, siliconed in the back, then grouted in the gaps.

Shows the slate fairly well


2x Julii Cory Cats (Sold as Julii at Petsmart, not sure if they are false or true) I will be getting 2-3 more. Started out with 3 as I know they like to school, but sadly I lost one.

2x Guppies. 1 male, 1 Female. As well as assorted fry.

4x Otos

4x Nerite snails (2 zebra, 2 Tiger)

Otos and Nerites hanging out in the old tank

And Approx 20 Mts. Considering removing these once the the tank is up and running.

Thinking about adding firebellied newts or something else that ventures onto land.


Dwarf Hairgrass (bought at petsmart in a lil package as emmersed, planted as emmersed, Hopefully it will make it)

2x Anubis ??? Nana ( They don't look nana to me.. they are rather large, again bought as emmersed and placed so the wall keeps them constantly wet)

1x Anubis nana I know for sure, lost all but one leaf in the transition to emmersed still hanging on and that leaf is growing quicker than any anubis I've ever had.

2x Large bunches of Java fern, broken into about 15 "starter plants" in 2-3 leaf pieces of rhizome. Attatched to the slate and driftwood both above and below the water. All seems to be doing well. Only had a few black tips so far.

1x Banana plant. It lost its leaves in my 10g a long time ago. Hoping it will come out of it. If I lose it or don't see any activity in the next few weeks I will replace it. I would like to encourage it to grow to the surface of the tank.

1x Dwarf lily (red) Already sending out new leaves, most were lost during transplant, These plants are so fragile! I want it to grow up to the surface eventually.

1x Unidentified Plant

10x Starter Clumps of Crypt Wendtii Green. They of course melted to nothing when transfered, trimmed away as much as I could or thought I could, already have some with 2 leaves (1 week since transplant)

4x Italian vals. They also melted but I see some sprigs of life taking shape!

4x strands of Java moss, each about 6" long. I draped them on the grout on the back wall. I would love to see it fill in on the grout and highlight the slate (think old stacked rock wall).

The 10g I took down to donate plants



My aquarium averages about 84* daytime, and about 74 Nighttime.

What all kinds of ampibians could I house. I really wanted Fire Bellied newts but I understand they need much lower temps daytime. Are there any "warm" newts that are docile and smallish?

I plan on eventually giving away my guppies and getting some black bar Endlers, will they do okay in this setup?


None of my plants are "showy" I want something that can grow on that back wall and not die due to the water constantly pouring across it.

I've considered Tillandsia however they need to dry out or they will die, most broms that I know get too big. I was going to throw an anthurium siliconed to the back wall but I realized that it would be too wet.

Any suggestions for a nice showy plant? Something to bring in some color but not get too out of hand on that back wall.

I really want something that is red, and easy to make red. Something that I can carefully silicone to that back wall and have it take off.

I'm also looking for something to fill in that back corner of the land but don't want it to overshadow that hairgrass too much. Although as my light is in the center of the tank depth wise it would probably still get enough.

I thought mangrove at first but as my tank is covered it would for sure outgrow its habitat soon.

Would another moss be better at filling in the grouted area then java?

If at all possible I would have it be something less filamantous (Is that even a word) and more vivid green, more like a Lichen you see on old rocks out in the woods or pasture. Any thoughts on something like that?

As always! Any crituiques (I know I am a horrible speller) thoughts or opinions are always greatly appreciated.

Hopefully this will grow into a nice tank! Thanks for all the future support in advance!

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