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Originally Posted by TrogdorSlayer22 View Post
Mayan Cichlids? Jk, I know the tank is too small.

You didn't buy this off of Craigslist? I saw a similar one for sale around here not too long ago (actually maybe a few months or so).

I have to agree with AirstoND, at least that's what I would do.

But if you are stuck on Africans, then you would obviously have/want to go with the hardier plants, like anubias, "ferns", maybe jungle val, etc.

I'm pretty sure you know this, but with Africans, they prefer to have multiple hiding places (e.g. rocks).
No i was the one selling it on craigs lol didnt even get a bid smh. Was asking for $600 including everything... Lights, aquaclear 110 filters, 75 gallon tank, super nice stand, and custom background. Only text i got was from a drug dealer who said he found my background on ebay for $25 bucks smg go figure. After i finished it i fell in love with it! Cant sell it now for sure.

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