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I'm guess you're an artist? It's pretty funny how your Pollack-esque paintings are dripping all over your walls and floors!

I think most betta keepers will argue that while you CAN keep bettas in tiny tanks (1-2 gallon tank) it doesn't necessarily mean you should. From my personal experience, smaller tanks means more water changes to keep him (probably a him, right?) healthy, more difficulty keeping the water at a constant and warm temp, and generally more work and a short lifespan for your betta. The last betta I had was kept in a 6 gallon, filtered, with some pygmy cories and an endler or two, when I wasn't breeding them. He seemed pretty healthy (I gave him away after a year when we moved). Tetras and danios will nip his tail, fyi. Most bettas will attack shrimps smaller than a 1/4", and some will go for the larger ones, too.
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