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almost one month update

Ok, so here's the update:

Overall, my DHG is doing great emersed. However, the HC is not spreading very much.

Tank 02, bottom tank in previous post, sunshine only:
I stuck this in our bedroom window, and have more or less forgot about it. As you can see, that neglect might have been too extreme, as they might have dried out too much.


Up close:

Interestingly, the HC is doing better behind that rock in the shade. This window gets around 2 hours a day in direct sunlight, so I don't think it's getting too much light, but perhaps it would be better if I took it out of the window and shifted it a foot away. Also, there was a bit of a heat wave (for oakland) which actually brought temps above 85. So that might have played into the frying as well.

Tank 01, top tank in previous post, 5hrs a day with Fugeray 36:

I've placed the lamp on the rim, so according to Finnex's numbers it's getting somewhere between 100-70 par (I think, am I reading their chart correctly?). I'm noticing that the HC is doing MUCH better on the low parts of the tank, than the high parts, so maybe I need to raise the light. Perhaps the low parts are doing better since they have more water.



Up Close:

Again, the HC is doing much better in the shade, check out the growth in the underside on the rock in the left of the Up close shot.

Hmm... What do you all recommend? Perhaps it's just time to fill?

Originally Posted by sayurasem View Post
Oh man! I didn't know they have fugeray 36". I got the ray2 version. The par is super high!
Yeah here's a link to the data:
Finnex RAY II & FugeRAY PAR Data

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