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Originally Posted by dr.tran View Post
That's because I completely agree with the compost tea. The bacteria gained from it makes a lot of sense. I was thinking of inoculating the soil with a beneficial root mycelium to further work with that principle.

And thank you so much. All you advice has been very useful. Especially since you have more experience than I do with NY gardening. Crossing my fingers, this weekend is going to be a lot of hard work
You don't yet realize how fortunate you are. First you have some actual soil up there. We don't. Second most of the books and magazines out there are geared for the northern climates. It's hard to find anything for Florida. I've got one book on native plants and Florida Home Grown 2 The Edible Landscape by Tom MacCubbin.
Organic Gardening magazine use to be really helpful but it's gone to political for my tastes. Mother Earth News is OK and I just started a subscription to Urban Farming. Well it started because I had 2 years left on Aquarium Fish Int. I save most of the mags so I can refer back but always have to remember that it's for up north.

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