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Yes, compost is about the organic matter and what it adds into the soil besides just the plain fertz. The part you didn't quote me on is I swear by it. Manure tea is good also. Compost tea. You get the idea.
If I were you, just starting out, stick to basic stuff first. See how things operate in YOUR yard first. Learn from that and modify your approach as needed. I've been planting here in my yard since 99. I am still learning and adapting. I've got weeds that won't quit. Even thought about totally giving up the dirt garden and going aquaponic. If you want to get into grafting do it after you've got a season or two under your belt. You've got to crawl before you can walk. Now is the time to look at seed catalogs.
And don't envy us down here. We've got the summer where no veggies will grow at all. Cherries survive the heat sometimes.

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