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Originally Posted by kevmo911 View Post
I have a garden. It's been dormant for a couple years. When I raked off the dead leaves this spring, I found black soil, with some worms and a snake. A friend told me that was perfect.

Basically, my feelings about a garden are to start with a nutrient-rich soil, keep it wet, and enjoy the fruits of your lack of labor.

The basil, all of it, grew impressively with regular rain or sprinklering, and I ate many meals that had basil as a significant component. The cherries I mostly enjoyed a couple times a week after going out for a harvest.

Terrestrial plants are sooo much easier than aquatic ones.
Yeah I whole hearty believe soil is so vital. And for you to rest it for a few years, I think is a great move. But that's why I prefer aquatic plants. It was so much easier for me to put aquasoil in a tank than it is to till and maintain soil in my garden. lol

Originally Posted by Bluek24a4 View Post
I live in Queens also and for the last few years now we have been growing our own tomatoes and cucumbers on the side of our house. We have had pretty good success and we don't know half of what you guys are talking about in this thread.

We had good success this year using the water out of my 55G community tank.

From reading this thread I will look more into fertilizing with calcium.
Hahahaha I barely knew anything about gardening until last week. I been researching like mad and I was lucky enough to know a few local farmers from the farmer's market. I'm just a sponge right now and I want to learn everything I can. So call me master gardener in training, maybe?

And me too! I always lug out my water changes into a rain collector for my parents to water the garden. We had good success but they just don't really know what they are doing.

Originally Posted by Green_Flash View Post
Does aquatic gardening count?
Hey no fair! lol. But seriously I always played with the idea of converting all my tanks into aquaponics. If you can grow something edible out of your fish tanks, please do share!!

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