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Originally Posted by Rony11 View Post
I think its wirror moss. Check the leaf patter in the attached link.

Even I am a moss collector.
Just checked today have abt.20 types of mosses attached is a link wit a few of them.

I've collected till date Octodiceras fontanum (similar to fissidens), Amblystegiae Manaus(queen moss), Hanegoke Cameroon, Wirror moss, Lomariopsis lineata-round pellia, regular pellia, taiwan, peacock, fissidens fontanus, fissidens zippelianus, Tricho moss, weeping moss-2 types, willow, java moss, flame moss, christmas moss, pearl moss, star moss,worm moss.

I use this link even though its Russian but the moss names r in english+pictures.
I don't know myself, but I would like to say

Geez! You selling any bro? That's a lot of mosses.

You moss collectors are about to make a lot of money off me too lol.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot escape this hobby. You have been warned.
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