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@ fistown last night.
emperor plecos for $23.99
- Cherry shrimp; whatever is left in the tank is certainly cherry grade with red spotted patterns and transparency. A few berried.
Fyi, The endlers there were all male.
- Marble fan shrimp are actually bamboo shrimp. Great price and younger than those commonly stocked at Petco.
Black tetras, had the color texture resembling emperor tetras but were different.
They have the color enhanced fluorescent yellow tiger barbs...
Not much else of besides their usual.

Considering the clown pleco but they all seemed a bit pale. Will wait a week to see how they do.

Originally Posted by Monster Fish View Post
Stopped by Fishtown today with MeowKitty.

They didn't have amanos or pygmy cories but this is what they had:
Otos: $1.79 2/$3.50 - very healthy, were eating algae discs in the tank
Clown plecos: $6 2/$11.75
Neon Glo Tiger barbs: $9
Marble fan shrimp: $6 2/$11.50
Large albino tiger barbs: $3 3/$8.50
Baby neons tetras: 10/$7
Cardinal tetras: $1 20/$18
Red cherry shrimp: $3 3/$8.50 - Sakura grade, lots of berried females in the tank. In the same tank with some endlers.

Also, the Petco $1 gallon sale ends tomorrow. The Petco at College Point still has plenty of 20L's available.

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