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Originally Posted by boxhead1990 View Post
Il be ordering my touchscreen and mainboard next week hopefully so im deffinatly interested in seeing what sheilds you use with it

Il be using mine to control 2 parastaltic pumps for my macro's and micros mainly

So im interested in how your interface is programed and such

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Most of what I have is placeholders right now. I'm still getting a feel for the programming end of it. I have the clock fully working, and when I go on vacation next month I will be getting pretty much everything else working.
Right now I have the 3.2'' Touchscreen, touchscreen shield, DS1307 breakout board, Arduino Mega 2560, and 2 temp probes. Still have to get the pH and O2 breakout boards, relays and SD card. I can PM you the code I have right now, but it needs a lot of cleaning up

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