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Originally Posted by andrewss View Post
wow I love your spec v... great work - I bet your betta feels like a king in that tank!

I've had a spec v now since july and love it - it was my first tank and I kept the stock light but went with low light plants so it has worked, though nothing is growing like a weed - but all seems happy.

I have a spec (2) coming in the mail this week along with many other goodies to trick this out and cram all the additional knowledge about the hobby I have learned over the past few months - it will be a planted betta tank

anywho, love your tank(s)
Thanks. I can't wait till my crypts fill in. This tank is nice but I wish the stock LED was built with stronger material. Just felt flimsy to me. I'm kinda glad they "crapped" out cause these double brights are nice and fits perfectly.

My betta is far from a king. My betta is one lazy fish. He doesn't like to swim around much and sometimes it looks like he just lays on the Maybe he hates the current in this tank.

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