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Originally Posted by MABJ View Post
That stuff is always said about this species of shrimp, but I can't say I believe it.

I can't believe they would be happy in an environment with no water motion, filtration, ect.

They are hardy, sure, but why not treat them like a red cherry (that enjoys healthy brackish water)?

I'm not saying I look down on your shrimp keeping, but I wish they weren't kept in ecospheres, where they eventually die of ammonia poisoning or starve, or forced to endure no water changes.

In Hawaii they live in poor conditions, but nature does water changes with rain and evaporation.

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I agree with you on the ecosphere and their water does evaporate and I play rainman by adding R/O water but they do not do well with water movement according to an expert on keeping these shrimp, Mustafa, from the above mentioned site. I suppose you could do filtration but if it isn't necessary why over complicate things? If stagnant water is what they have evolved to live in then they aren't going to do well if you change that.

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