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Originally Posted by Disher View Post
Great job on doing your research with that specific Chaetomorpha. How long have you been running this setup? What kind of maintenance are you doing? Nice work!
Thank you. I've had this going for a little over a month now. The shrimp have been in it for a little over 5 days. The beauty of these little guys is the minimal maintenance. All I have to do is replace any evaporated water with R/O water. Their water never needs to be replaced! No water changes ever! Their natural environment is stagnant water so no water movement is what they prefer. In their natural pools, the deeper layers don't even have any oxygen and they can survive in these anaerobic conditions which is why some call them Super Shrimp. They also prefer to have dense numbers, I could have had this amount of shrimp in a bowl 1/3 the size of this one with no problems. They are ideally suited to a nano tank. The only thing these guys are sensitive to is ammonia which will kill them pretty quickly but then this kills most aquatic life. So you have to be careful about feeding and what kind of plants you introduce. Mustafa who I mentioned above says that no plants should be used other than the chaetomorpha I currently have in their bowl.

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