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Originally Posted by Heartnet View Post
Man that is some killer wood. Nice job scaping it, I love the addition of the little bromeliad too.

I noticed that you're using a DIY PVC overflow. Any trouble with it so far?

Thanks Hearnet Yeah, I'm digging the bromeliad too. Regarding the DIY PVC overflow. I have had one in my reef tank for about 5 months now, and just made this one for the 40b (I must like them, cause I made another one for a larger volume of water) I like them. I like not having to drill holes. They're pretty reliable. In my reef I had an issue of the siphon failing because of the air that gets trapped in the top of the siphon. It would, without fail, fail at almost 7:30 pm everyday. I had a run of this for a couple weeks. (Luckily, I had the water level right in the sump and the display, that it wouldn't overflow the tanks) To this day, I don't know why it would fail at the same time everyday. Possibly because it's nearly the same amount of water going through in that 24 hour period....

Anyway, I think the siphon failing because of air is due to the lack of flow going through the siphon (on my 20g reef, it's a slower flow), the pump going in wasn't as strong, the bubbles wouldn't get pushed through the siphon.

What I'm noticing with the 40 b... with higher volume of filtration (even though it's only been about 12 hours running) is that it's producing the gurgling noise. This starts at the outlet in the sump, the air trapped in the tubes gets flushed through occasionally, produces a gurgle then goes back to equilibrium with the return pump. It's not bad, just could be better. It hasn't failed yet. The thing with any siphon based overflow, is you've just got to check it every once in a while, to purge the air or micro adjust the valve. Other than that they're great!

I'm interested to see how well this filters the tank, as it's pulling from the top of the WC (NO BIOFILM! ) instead of the bottom, as the canister regularly would. Maybe more detritus... not sure yet. I'll let you know once there's plants and fish.
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