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Planted 2g Fluval Spec w/Dario Dario

So to start I already have a Planted 14g BioCube on another thread and I bought a 2g Fluval Spec as a hospital tank. However if I decided to use this as a bookshelf tank.

Tank: 2g Fluval Spec (Stock), 25w Heater, temp strip, 40%-50% water changes weekly (including Flourish Excel & Comprehensive Supplement).

Flaura: I planted my Spec with low light plants, Anubias Petite Nana (turned out to not be Petite Nana but some other variant), Java Fern, Frogbit, Trident Java Fern, and a few others I can't remember their names right now, sorry. I had just plain black aquarium gravel and a piece of drift wood as well.

Fauna: I started with a few Ramshorn snails to clean the tank but then added three RCS to grow the population. However, after a few months I decided I really wanted to try my hand at the one fish that wouldn't work in my bigger tank, Scarlet Badis (Dario Dario).

These fish do better by themselves and I should have just gone with one according to those who know better than I but I already bought two today a male and female (or at least I hope as they are julenives and I can't tell yet). It would be my goal to bread them for fun but if they turn out to be two males I figure that out later. Also two males in this small tank wouldn't be ideal for sure!

Feeding: I will feed them dry brine flake (this is what the LFS feed them), Frozen Bloodworms and Brine Shrimp, depending on what they like. Hopefully I won't have to use live worms but will do it if need be.

Anyway here are the pics so far...

The tank on the bookshelf:

Closer up:

Dario Dario:

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