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True Percula was disappointing. Not much of a tank or stand selection, but a pretty nice 40B sized rimless ( expensive ). Salt water displays were okay, most of the coral tanks for sale looked to be in poor shape. Fresh water selection was poor. Half the stuff for sale was different mollies and the planted display tank was riddled with algae.

To top it off, there was a 8 year old kid in there with his mom and they were complaining they needed "a bigger fish that they could see more often." 10 gallon tank. The clerk queried if the tank had any hiding places, to which the enthusastic 8 year old responded "a really cool pirate ship and a sponge bob." Apparently satisfied with this response, the clerk suggested some sort of unusual pleco I was not familiar with saying "it gets to be about 7 inches long, so it should be good."

My wife was with me. She saw my epic facepalm and we left.
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