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Originally Posted by skanderson View Post
ok starting to wire up my build and have a few questions. firstly i have 3 meanwell power supplies that i got cheap a while ago and was wondering if i could use one to power the chip. i have a s-320-24 meanwell. i puts out 24 volts at 12.5 amps. next i see that there are 2 power inputs on the driver. do i need to supply power to one or both. my ftdi to usb adaptor is on the way so im sure i will have questions on programming when i get that going. i will be running 3 lines of 6 cree xmls at around 2 amps ea. i am a little confused about the pwm part of the driver. wont i be able to dim it based on programming the driver and if not what do i need to wire to where to get this thing to auto dim up and down. thanks for all the help, i will post pics of the build on here as well as par numbers once the unit is up and running.
The Power supply you have will work just fine. Here's photo (pardon my Paint skills) of how you should hook it all up. All it really comes down to is "doubling up" on the negative connections from each string of leds to the CAT4101"s and the PWM connections. Your setup only requires a 3 channel control code if the board is wired up like I've shown, since two CAT4101's will be connected to the same PWM signal. You can use the same six channel code that I posted earlier. You'll just have to adjust the variables for the 3 pwm pins that you're using, instead of all 6.

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