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Giant Ecosphere

I bought this fishbowl for half off online and decided to try keeping Opae Ula shrimp in it. I've had it set up for several weeks with inert sand, some lace rock, a piece of Seiryu, and some Chaetomorpha macro algae. I'm using R/O water with marine salt at half the normal amount to create a brackish environment which mimics the anchialine pools they come from in Hawaii. They're endemic to Hawaii and are also called Volcano Shrimp and Super Shrimp because they have up to a 20 year lifespan and can survive in nearly freshwater to more saline than the ocean and a wide range of temperatures. These are the shrimp that you get when you buy an ecosphere. I used to have one of these and believed the company who makes them when they said it was a perfectly balanced sealed environment, when in reality they are slowly starved and suffocated to death. This reminds me of a giant ecosphere on a pedestal only this one is open. I learned more about these shrimp from and bought 60 from Cookymonster which were delivered last week. They all survived the trip and I haven't found a single one yet that has died. I'm not filtering the water, I only have a 50W titantium heater and it sets in an East facing window so gets a couple hours of morning sun. I'm monitoring the temperatures and so far the bowl has only gone up 2 degrees when the sun shines on it. They're more active and swim more than any other dwarf shrimp that I've had. They seem to be constantly moving. I'm not feeding them anything, the macroalgae and whatever grows on the rocks will be their food for now anyway. Overall I'm very please with how it's turned out so far. These may be the easiest aquatic pet there is.

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