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Originally Posted by manik View Post
Do you know what kina moss that is? Looks like some stuff I saw growing on trees in Mexico. I've gotten peat before, but it only comes in 3 cu ft. compressed bags, way too much for me. I think the brand name was Sunshine? I can't exactly recall now.
In my most recent Wabi, I used organic potting soil (not MGOPM), wrapped it with cheesecloth and string. Is the theory in Wabi that the peat holds it together? How does the wabi get nutes? I'm new to it.. but it's fun
The moss I used on the wabi is Xmas moss I think maybe mixed with java.

Yea I've seen some stuff online where people used peat moss and that's it's pretty much and the plants grow. The peat def holds it together. If I can find the real stuff, I have a little glass container ready for another one.
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