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ok, I have added diy CO2 to the tank, three days now.
*the one stalk of the red leafy plant has a new bit of growth to it and I added to that area a plant called peacock fern?
*the drarf hair grass is gone but one small area and has been replaced with a dwarf java which seems to be a hardier plant.
*the HC is still trying, not compleatly lost yet, keeping fingers crossed. the giant hair grass is hanging in but not growing, hoping th CO2 helps it along.

I lost the clown loaches and the larger angel not long after I moved them to the tank so there are the 3 angels left.
I have added 5 headlight taillight tetras, 11 rummy noses(4 remain, everyone has brilliant red faces so the waters seem to agree with them not sure why they dropped off)
and I got a black ghost knife fish, he will stay till he causes trouble and probably shouldnt have added it to the tank in the first place.

this spring I still want to add the corries and get the number of rummy noses back up.
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