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Originally Posted by Monster Fish View Post

Nothing really new here. They had Tetraodon miurus puffers for $70 each. There's about 30 dwarf puffers left and they got in a shipment of freshwater eels. The chocolate gouramis looked nice but they need super soft, blackwater conditions. Other than that, I picked up 3 brown kuhlis (which the still have plenty of). Btw, I was talking to one of the guys who worked there. Some guy walked in last Wednesday and bought 50 of the CPDs. $20 for 3... so do the math. That's some baller status right there. Also, if you guys want to request something for their next shipment, let them know by Tuesday. Supposedly they are getting more CPDs and some Chili Rasboras (crossing fingers) next Sunday.
The usually work something out with people that are repeat customers or buy in bulk. I got 10 CPDs for ~$48 last week, but I shop there almost every week.

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