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Originally Posted by VivaDaWolf View Post
Albert, 86nLex petco has a whole panel of elephant ears...if you want to go see, ahem. Hefty $20 pricetag, but I saw a lot of diff colours. Nothing that caught my eye- cept this crazy blue/orange a pic too..

Saw a royal pleco at 14th st and I am in love.... talk about head with no body... but out of my budget at $35..was about 3.5 inches. Im glad I looked up em because they get too big for my tank. Was that the same one we saw in PetGoods?
hmmmm YES! i occasionally park at the Metropolitan museium of art for free and that's in walking distance.

Yes, Royal Pleco. well known for their tank re-arrangement skills

Hunting for a bulldog pleco ATM... would pick up at petgoods if it isnt available closer.

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