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Originally Posted by toastedtoast View Post
Another week, another photo. I hope people don't mind my shameless bumping of the thread every week, but it's been a fun way to force myself to track the tank progress--not to mention all the useful feedback I've gotten.

As you can see, the green algae has continued its spread and has now colonized the back glass in addition to the stones. It's clearly happy, as you can see it start to pearl late in the day.

Starting last week I've increased fert dosing by 30% and dialed up the co2 a bit, but I think those will take time to show a difference (if they change anything). As a shorter-term solution, I've added a horned nerite, which looks pretty cool even if it doesn't manage to eliminate the algae. The cherry shrimp do a good job of keeping the wood clear, but they don't seem to come out and clean the rocks much.

Other then algae, I think the tank is doing fairly well. HC is spreading out, though there is some melting--I think this is the emmersed growth finally dying off but it's hard to tell. It recovered pretty well after my trim last week, so I hope it will be OK.

Blyxa is doing well, and I think there is some trimming in its near future. H. tenellus is going crazy, though the growth is different then what I see in my low-light tank. At home, it's about 4cm tall and green and here it's growing the full height of the tank and turning reddish. It's different then I expected, but it actually looks pretty neat like this.
i have the same "white algae" on the rubber elbow of the finnex outlet.
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