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Originally Posted by alkatraz View Post
Looking for tips on how to prevent the different substrates from mixing.

Should I use a divider?

Should I lay the sand first or the gravel first?
Originally Posted by ddrfreak_tung View Post
i've seen a vid of a scaper in the uk using different substrate and creating high mounds by inserting strips of plastic to divide/help the substrate from flattening out over time.

Check the vid. Scroll to about 19:30 in. There's also some before that where's he's making the hill... seems like a good idea. I also just came up with and idea of utilizing organic cheesecloth to separate layers (MTS/Sand cap) I'm not sure I'm the first one to think of it. I'm sure the sand will mix after a while... but I'm hoping my HC's root system will prevent that (and by that time.. it'll be so thick it won't matter) Good luck!
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