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Originally Posted by andrewss View Post
I decided to go for a ball valve because my shipping was free in the order already

I can't wait to keep a betta but I don't know what type to get - I don't know much about these fish
they are very hardy and tolerant of mistakes.
the one thing to note is that you need a cover, as the like to jump every now and then. it really ruins your day to come home and see your fish dead of dehydration 6" away from the tank.
they will do well in most water, but prefer soft water; which is good since aquasoil makes your water soft.
they like warm water. 78F-82F. when/if sick, raise the temps to 82F-84F. they can survive below 75F, but really wont do well and will eventually start to waste away. definitely wont show their colors well.
they will eat anything meant for carnivores, but i strongly advise feeding him a quality diet, as nutrition is one of if not the most important factor to health. i feed my males atisons betta pro (a pelleted food), golden pearls (also pellets), frozen brine shrimp, frozen bloodworms (their favorite), and frozen mysis). i feed once daily and usually skip a day once a week (except when im conditioning for breeding, then ill feed more). stay away from flake food and freeze dried food with these guys. it can cause some pretty serious bloat depending on the individual.
you can show him a mirror every now and then to see him flare. thats when they look their best.
they are pretty intelligent for their size. they can learn to identify different people, and WILL beg for food once they know you are the one that gives it.
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