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Originally Posted by andrewss View Post
yeah, I made the scape without really thinking of the heater, and considering how little space I have (can't get it real close to the plants ideally) where I put it is pretty much the only place I can... I am thinking about looking into a smaller heater but I can't really find much on that. At least the stable temps are making the fish (especially the inverts) MUCH happier.

Thanks for the comments! The crayfish is funny, he really is great... a very interesting creature, im surprised more people don't keep these lil guys, they stay small and really don't mess up the plants - though you do NEED to have the tank covered because when they jet around occasionally I have even heard him smack the cover when he was doing that.

He is missing a claw since last nite (he molted) hopefully he is ok, I dont know how that happened, perhaps one of the new assassins attacked him while he was molting well either way I think he will be ok till next molt

You can put a small heater in the pump well.
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