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Originally Posted by Geniusdudekiran View Post
I think an iwagumi scape would be great. Can be hrd to pull off in a cube but can be done for sure.
would have a lot of open space. but thats not necessarily a bad look...
im pretty confident i want to incorporate some r. fluitans. i love the way it pearls. beyond that, no clue.

also, im tired of cherries. they are gone come december. ill use a different neocard, and try out some CRS to see how they do. i have an RO unit, so i should be able to tweak the kh and gh by mixing RO with tap. id rather if i could stay away from the expensive shrimp remineralizers.

Originally Posted by ad3hybrid View Post
Love your tank! Mind sharing how you keep your Downoi healthy? Mine always melt..
thank you.
i wish i could give you some secret on how to make it thrive, but there isnt one.
just good light + CO2 + fertz.
i never had any issues with it. i just put it in the tank, and it grew. they way i set my tanks up, there are very few plants that give me trouble. but it took a lot of time and dead plants to figure out how to do that. getting your CO2 right is usually the key to this.
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