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Andrew's 2nd tank - planted spec 2 tank - boraras maculatus & wild tigers arrived :D

Hey all, soooo I got multiple tank syndrome bad... I have been playing with my spec V since early july and now have it basically where I want it (link in my signature) and I am feeling like I need another project, but don't want to commit the funds or energy into a huge project (not sure how long I'll be in this apartment, etc) so nano's make sense for me now.

So last night I ordered up the oldish fluval spec (to be replaced by their spec 3 in their product line now). It is a well known 2 gallon nano tank. I plan to make it a heavily planted betta tank.

---Ordered list:

Spec 2 nano tank
Aqua Soil Amazonia
La Plata Sand
Congo Sand
Seiryu Stone
25w heater
CFL 13w clamping light
Ball valve for pump control (so I can get it real low for the betta)
Misc stuff like filter media & thermometer)

Right now I am at about $120 shipped for the project

---Need to buy list:


1 male betta
dwarf shrimps?

My other tank is a gravel/rock type substrate, for this tank I definitely want to go with a white or tan sand on top of a chunky mulch like soil (like organic choice) with the top layer being not super uniform in sand, I like the dirty look.

The scape I have in mind might not use any driftwood or if so only one small piece, I want to go with a tier or two of rocks with substrate within the first tier if that makes sense...

As for plants I am not really sure yet what direction to go with, I won't be going with CO2 but my light should be able to support low to mid light requiring plants so I should have more options with plants than my stock led using spec v tank...

Thanks for reading

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