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Originally Posted by DogFish View Post
While I do understand people get busy, the whole point of having a sponsor's forum it to be available to potential and existing customers. If it get's down to only being able to contact via his website, then what's the point of this forum?

Without actual involvement with the membership, Orlando or any Site Sponsor is just another web shop. I have and am still willing to buy and sometimes pay a bit more from a sponsor when the sponsor is an active part of this community.

Site Sponsorship benefits the ownership, involvement in the community here benefits the membership. Loyalty does have it's price.
Maybe GLA's goals with the forum has changed. This is just me spit-balling, but maybe when they started he used the forum to get the word out, see what consumers want and answer questions. Now that they appear very well established, TPT could just be a marketing tool to post new product drops and sales. It's like some local sponsor being on the jersey of a 5 year playing baseball. How much do they really have to do with that kids game?

I definitely see where you are coming from as far as what your role should be when you are part of TPT community. For how things are trending these days, and how marketing has changed - social media has become a full time job and has helped a lot of companies in their marketing. As GLA continues to grow, they might consider a full time social media employee to keep on on Facebook, TPT, APE, Barr Report, APC, etc. Transition is tough, but good and GLA has always been great with customer service in my opinion and they may just be spread a little thin currently.
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