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Originally Posted by Silmarwen View Post
It's amazing, really. I've used the poke-with-stick method for so many things. It's useful in cooking, computers, bugs in the house, annoying customers, and apparently aquariums!

And... I kind of never planned on water changes for this. ^^; This is the first wc that's happened since I started my little "pile of crap" as I fondly call it. Inever saw any reason, since it's always been just some place to put stuff that I didn't have the heart to toss, lol.
I'm not as concientious on waterchanges with my toss pots, but they do still get one now. Keeps my hard water from turning to liquid concrete!

Keeping clippings/excess plant material is a hard habit to break--I spent half an hour last night trying to figure where I could put my surplus floaters before I realized how stupid I was being and just tossed 'em. Even with the thinning I've still got spares to take to my next local meeting *and* probably enough to do a decent ROAK if I ever get off my butt and do one.
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