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Originally Posted by Knotyoureality View Post
Isn't it wonderful how often "poke it with a stick" actually works?

Some of the dirt will settle, the rest you can easily suck out on your next waterchange.
It's amazing, really. I've used the poke-with-stick method for so many things. It's useful in cooking, computers, bugs in the house, annoying customers, and apparently aquariums!

And... I kind of never planned on water changes for this. ^^; This is the first wc that's happened since I started my little "pile of crap" as I fondly call it. Inever saw any reason, since it's always been just some place to put stuff that I didn't have the heart to toss, lol.

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"You're not putting a hundred gallon tank in the living room," my roommate replied.

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