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Thought I would switch gears a bit and share with you my own little version if "Wabi-Kusa". Takashi Amano's planted emersed balls. Or whatever you want to call them. I like to call them my Wabis. Anyway, this one I made with the wrong type of peat moss. I just picked up the miracle grow peat moss in Home Depot thinking that was the stuff. But this type of peat moss is more like dirt and doesn't really hold its shape. After some tweaking and lots if tying I managed to make something that looked like a ball of dirt. Lol! Anyway, it's growing in my emersed growing Stratton that in energy set up using a 20 L. Its growing in quite well. Plants are: s.repens, hair grass, Ludwigia 'red', r.rotundofolia and some moss.
I need to find "real" peat moss, next time I get a Vance ill see if they carry it in Home Depot. If anyone can recommend the brand to get let me know.
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