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Well....this was supposed to be my personal masterpiece but it's far from being that. Just a phone pic. Will post better pics when it grows out a little more. Hope it looks better when it grows out. I'm kinda disappointed with myself so I only took this one pic for now. I hate having nice, expensive plants without the aquascaping skills to show them off right. But I'm still having fun which is the important part of any hobby. Anyways, here we go.

Plants (I think this is what my LFS told me):

Eriocaulon kimberly?
Bucephalandra Teluyabur?
Didiplis diandra
Anubias nana petite
Myriophyllum guinea?
Java Moss
Mini Pelia

Substrate: ADA New Amazonia

Lights: stock (13w x 2 = 26w) ~ 9 hour photoperiod

CO2: GLA atomic diffuser, 3-4 bps

Filter: I opted to use a Fluval C2 instead

Also, adding Nutafin Cycle as directed. I recall Frank W. stressing the importance of bacteria so I figured why not give this a try when I start a new planted tank. Something I've never done before.

Gonna do daily 50% water changes for the first couple weeks. I gotta review Franks book regarding his recommended guidelines. I forgot already..... been super busy lately.

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