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Originally Posted by Green_Flash View Post
That looks like it is working pretty well.

The difference between the fluorescent was that big huh?

Thanks, we'll see how it goes when I hang it tomorrow! I'll take a picture with the new light to compare with the existing florescent.

Originally Posted by Green_Flash View Post
I found the compatibility chart for the 45cm AQUASKY if it helps:

*AQUASKY 451 is compatible with ADA Cube Garden / Cube Glass in the following sizes:
W45 x D24 x H16 (cm) glass thickness 5mm
W45 x D24 x H30 (cm) glass thickness 5mm
W45 x D27 x H30 (cm) glass thickness 5mm

I believe the main difference between the Do!Aqua tanks and the Cube Garden is the glass, Cube Garden tanks use 5 sided LIG (Low Iron Glass) while Do!Aqua use regular (green) glass.
I don't have experience with LEDs, does the distance on the light matter?

My tank is 22cm high and I was planning to suspend it 8cm+the bracket height above the aquarium. (Figuring this puts the light at the same height on a 30cm depth aquarium with the bracket) But, maybe I don't need to go that high above the tank?

Thanks for the info on the Do!Aqua. I'd definitely want to go with the ADA high clarity glass on the next tank.

my little eden
7g nano, a work in progress

cherry shrimp vase

3g semi-emersed bowl

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