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Originally Posted by Green_Flash View Post
It also would fit the Mini L (same as 45p, just not as wide) and 45-F (similar tank shape to the one you have).

How about fishing line to hang the light? That would be pretty easy, you said you were going to drill the stand? Or you could get a custom piece of acrylic cut that fits the light and drill two holes and have it suspended with clear fishing line.
The Mini L would be a good option... I'm not sure exactly what the difference is between the glass clarity of the ADA and Do!Aqua line. It's a $40 price variance, so I assume there is some difference in quality? The 45F is about 3 inches shorter in height than mine, as well as a little less in width. I think I'd still have to suspend the light over the 45F.

I thought about using fish line, but read somewhere that it can stretch out. I have a large piece of acrylic left over from cutting out the lid today. Pondering how it might be possible to do an interior cut for the light... not sure how ADA manufactured the bracket as one piece unless it was molded.

For now, I've come up with a temporary solution so this bad boy can get plugged in:

I'm using four binder clips (with the silver handles removed) and picture wire at each end, and running a length of wire up to ceiling hooks. Pretty cheap and actually pretty secure, just a little bit cheesy.

Originally Posted by andrewss
nice fancy light
I love this light! It is the most expensive part of my setup... but I feel like if anyone will do LEDs right, it will be ADA.

I plugged it in to compare the amount of light to the 100w daylight fluorescent bulb currently over the tank, and it's like night and day! I can't wait to see how the plants respond to the new light.

my little eden
7g nano, a work in progress

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