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Just back from work tonight. Kiddies were picked up later than usual but only by a few minutes.

Thanks to all for making the effort to come out today. Hope everyone had a blast. Sorry for the change in plans in the end with time running short. Seems like everyone had gone home with something today. I will try to scout the three unseen lfs sometime in the future, maybe with monsterfish. I am considering a return to pickup the bullnose pleco. He was cool!

Originally Posted by szenic View Post
Yes please! I believe meowkitty has my number And for bottles, you want glass or plastic? How many are you looking for?
Kitty got me some snapple glass bottles for now. If you have something smaller that's easier to drip dose, all the better. Glass or plastic will do. Looking to experiment with fert mixing prior to our next meet. Thanks to Edward for sharing the fert samples, and chris for the foods.

Originally Posted by cantsay39 View Post
can someone see if there is baby tears..
Fishtown / Ridgewood had baby tears for sale. $4.99 and $7.99 respectively

Originally Posted by kubalik View Post
Hey Albert
Due to the rush at the end we forgot to pay you for gas and tolls , send all of who went,your paypal , we'll send you a gift
albert.chiang at gmail dot com, but aquaria donations are gladly accepted.

Originally Posted by VivaDaWolf View Post
Oh. The plant is called Ceratopteris pteroides.

e: Ao, it ranged from $2 to 1.50. NJ LFS Tour aka what I am dubbing Wiping NJ Clean of Pygmy Cories Tour
I'd call it TPT NY: The Pygmy Cory tour 2012!

incase anyone's curious...

Originally Posted by Qckwzrd View Post
Those ADA tanks are amazing! Anyone seen any killie fish?
Yep @ Fishtown usa, absolutely fish

Originally Posted by aokashi View Post
Did anyone get any for me? ;_;

Originally Posted by ren View Post
So what did everyone get in their goodie bag?
I was conservative and picked up some lazurite shrimp, a yellow neo, and 8 pygmae cories.

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