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Originally Posted by Bryanmc1988 View Post
the nv are ok but i rather used the h3 ... but i'm dead lock now... time to go to bed my head hurts thinking of ways to make it work... on and the T might work but i dont think they will for my meter valve... as the holes are only... .75" from hole center to center line what ever that means lol here is a link

but lets say we do the T it wont fit the meter alone fit the bubble counter with it... the manifold is small 3.25"L
Just means that the middle of one hole is 0.75" away from the center of the next hole. I don't see why the tee would not work. The manifold will be "pointed" towards the front with port holes on the top. Then have a tee with outputs on both sides of your manifold. Nv and then a elbow to have your bc in the upright position. There will be some misc. pieces in between but it will work.

I'm guessing you already bouht the manifold, but you could just ditch the whole manifold and just use brass fittings using tee's, crosses, nipples, etc that you can find at hd or lowes.

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