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the nv are ok but i rather used the h3 ... but i'm dead lock now... time to go to bed my head hurts thinking of ways to make it work... on and the T might work but i dont think they will for my meter valve... as the holes are only... .75" from hole center to center line what ever that means lol here is a link

but lets say we do the T it wont fit the meter alone fit the bubble counter with it... the manifold is small 3.25"L

i got an idea... this should work lol....

drop the manifold... get 3 Tee connecter's.... so hook it up like this....

T T T ..... 3 Tee valve ea one for ea meter connect one at a time... so connect ea T to a meter first then the T to one another... BINGO.... its just like a manifold =P in a way lol
Meter valve
bubble counter
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